Students in kindergarten through twelfth grades are required to wear a school uniform.  Students in preschool are not required to wear the uniform.

Lower School Uniform

Middle School Uniform

Upper School Uniform  


Meridian School Uniform Purchase Information

Uniform items can be purchased at the uniform store below.  This vendor will have our current uniform policy and will know which items are approved.  If you prefer to find items in other stores, such as Target or Lands End, these may worn if they are the same style and color of the approved uniform items.  Please be very careful to purchase items that are constructed the same as approved items.  If there are any questions please refer to the School Handbook or call the school at 801.374.5480.  A uniform approved sweatshirt can also be purchased at the school for $25.00.

Classy Uniforms

661 W. State St., Suite A, Pleasant Grove



An official school tie can be purchased at Classy Uniforms.  They will also embroider our logo on anything, including a white polo shirt.