Meridian School relies on tuition to cover most of the school’s ongoing expenses.  Tuition is vital for Meridian to finance its daily operations, especially since the school does not receive any state or federal government money.   Because Meridian School would like to include students from all levels of the socio-economic spectrum, there is financial aid available to those who qualify for tuition assistance.

For all students who are enrolled at Meridian School for the 2011-2012 school year,   the tuition rate scale published here will apply for all years that the student attends Meridian, as long as they are continuously enrolled.

U.S. tuition rates:

1/2 day Pre-K $3,800
Pre-K through 6th $6,800
7th through 8th $7,300
9th through 12th $7,800
*Tuition rate for U.S. students includes all class instruction fees (labs, elective classes, etc).  There may be fees charged for extra-curricular programs such as sports teams, a school play, and competitions.