Why Attend Meridian?

By Meridian • February 28th, 2011
Why attend a Private School in Utah?

Meridian’s education prepares students of all ages to develop a lifelong love for learning and to enter the best colleges and universities.  Our teachers base their curriculum on the Utah State Core and Core Knowledge and expand upon these foundations to create more in-depth and dynamic learning experiences.  While lower school students learn about the Renaissance period in Europe, they roll up their sleeves and paint their own Sistene Chapel on their classroom ceiling.  At a different level, middle and upper school students combine online lectures with individualized attention to best understand math concepts and science phenomena.  Learning at Meridian School, whatever the age level, is supported by educational foundation research that identifies the most effective learning methods for students in our world today.

An additional dimension, which makes Meridian School distinctive, is its international student body.  Meridian welcomes students from all over the world; students come from China, Korea, Taiwan, Pakistan, Germany and Mexico, to name a few.  The national and international student body invites an exchange of cultures, languages and philosophies that creates a global perspective.

Perhaps you wonder, “Why is Meridian a private school?” and “Why attend a private school?”  Meridian is able to ensure such an academic and caring environment because of its qualified faculty, small classes and supportive administration.  Our teachers have professional degrees in what they are teaching, many years of classroom experience and teaching credentials.

In our small classroom settings, with student to teacher ratios of 1:15, faculty are able to share their classroom passion and to focus on the development and progress of each student.  Over the years studies have shown that individualized attention in environments with structure and expectation leads to better learning and goal setting by students.  The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), a division of the United States Department of Education, found that private school students scored higher on standardized tests, were more likely than others to take advanced-level high school courses, had more demanding graduation requirements, and sent more graduates to college than public schools.[1]

Students thrive when allowed to learn in a safe and supportive environment.  Joint reports by the NCES, the Bureau of Justice Statistics and a private study by the Horatio Alger Association have found that private school students are significantly more likely than others to feel safe and to be safe in their schools.[2]  It is of utmost importance to the administration that faculty and students thrive in a secure environment where learning, and a love for learning, flourish, while enabling students to develop their potential and a better global understanding of the world in which they live.

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