Community Service

Meridian students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities that help them do good for the community in which they live.

These students:

  • serve food each month at the Utah County Food and Shelter Coalition
  • participate in a two-week food drive to benefit the Utah County Food and Shelter Coalition
  • sponsor 10-15 families each Christmas in United Way’s Sub-for-Santa program
  • volunteer as phone workers for the K-BYU Pledge Drive

Students are also able to serve within their school community, providing mentoring and friendship to younger students:

  • reading buddy partnerships between Kindergarten and 6th grades, 1st grade and 4th grades, and PreKindergarten and 2nd grades
  • writing buddy partnerships between Kindergarten and 5th grades
  • math tutoring provided by senior math students for 4th grade students
  • lunchtime help provided by 6th grade students to help Kindergarten students

Encouraging students to look beyond themselves for ways to help the world around them is a part of Meridian’s commitment to educate the whole child.


by Tim Lei

” Feeding the homeless! ” was announced by senior Boyd Monson during the assembly every Monday.   Boyd has been volunteering at the Food & Care Coalition throughout his high school years, and decided to take the responsibility of being in charge of this community service for Meridian in his senior year.

The Food & Care Coalition is a place to alleviate hunger and diminish the plights of poverty for Utah County’s homeless, mentally ill and learning disabled, fixed income families, and families affected by tragedy that enter theirs doors. In 2008, community members paved the way for the program to serve 101,281 meals to fellow community members. This remarkable accomplishment would not be possible unless it had vested community interest. Area businesses, church groups, civic groups, scouts, individuals and families donate nearly 15,000 volunteer hours each year, which includes Meridian School.

Boyd is sincere about why he got involved with the Food & Care Coalition.  “I feel like I’m really doing something for society, and it helps me to be helpful.” He added, ” My favorite part is the people we served.  It’s inspiring to see what they have gone through, how nice they are, how thankful they are. To the students that helped out this year, I just wanna say thank you. For the people that didn’t help out, I just wanna say you guys missed this. “

Mrs. Crowther commented, “It is great Boyd did this. I think it is really admirable for him taking all this responsibility.”  Junior Rodolfo Amaya,who volunteered in doing this community work a couple times, said, “It is a good opportunity to do something different and help other people. I haven’t done community service for a long time. It also looks good on your college applications. It is a great idea to go there if you have some free time.”

For the students who didn’t have time to participate this year, no need to be sad. Boyd Monson is going to help this service opportunity continue;  he will pass his position out in senior roast.